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Our Story

The genesis of Lamplighters was in 1991 when a group of committed Christians met at a Bible-believing church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Lamplighters developed quality materials and a unique leadership training process to serve Bible study groups. Interest in these Lamplighters resources grew as pastors inquired about incorporating the Bible study resources into their churches. In its first decade, Lamplighters distributed hundreds of Bible studies to meet the demands of churches and individual believers. Then in early 2000, Lamplighters International was formally organized as a non-profit corporation in the state of Minnesota and it was granted official 501C3 non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Lamplighters International ministry has grown through networking to a nationwide scale with thousands of disciples. In 2021 we embarked on an extensive growth initiative to increase our reach and significantly multiply our impact.

As a faith-based ministry, Lamplighters is supported by believers who are committed to our vision and mission, the sale and distribution of discipleship resources, and seminar fees and speaking honorariums.

To understand more about founder John Stewart’s vision and his transition from a professional hockey player to an author and Lamplighters’ executive director, please watch this video.


John Stewart
Executive Director

After graduating from seminary, John served as a pastor, planting two Bible-believing churches and starting Lamplighters International. John is the author of the Lamplighters Bible Study Series and the Lamplighters Discipleship Training Program and is passionate about writing discipleship resources and training believers to be disciple-makers.

Joline Stewart
Director of Women’s Ministry & Resource Development

Joline earned her Master in Music Education with an emphasis on leadership training and character development. Joline is a Certified Trainer and serves as Director of Women's Ministries where she utilizes her strong educational training background to develop new discipleship training resources and her ability as a gifted communicator to train women for ministry.

Nancy Jessup
Director of Communications

Nancy oversees order processing, communicate with customers, coordinates office logistics, and assists in the editing process.

One of the things she enjoys about being at Lamplighters is the people. Serving with staff and volunteers who truly love the Lord, seek to live by the Word, and grow in Him is a blessing. She also enjoys interacting with many people who participate in the ministry

Cheryl Allen
Financial Administrator

Cheryl has been serving as the ministry’s financial administrator, and one thing is clear to her. The Lamplighters team has a passion for discipleship. Knowing Jesus through the study of His Word is a gift, and knowing that Lamplighters provide Bible study resources and discipleship training to the body of Christ keeps her excited.

As the financial administrator, she finds it a real joy to watch as the Lord continually blesses the ministry’s finances.

Rick Moehring
Human Resources & Missionary Care

Rick (Moe) serves in a volunteer staff position at Lamplighters. Rick has a B.A. degree in business administration from Gustavus Adolphus College (MN) and is currently Principal Consultant/CEO at Woodland Human Capital Consultants, a management, organization and compensation consulting group located in Wayzata, Minnesota. Rick’s responsibilities include overseeing and developing leadership training materials and human resource consulting.


“The Lamplighters Bible study encourages everyone to continue to grow in their relationship with Christ while also seeking others to join the study as well.”
“There is nothing more exciting than seeing people dig into the living and enduring Word of God and finding Gospel Gold.”
“We started with 5 men and now have nearly 100 gathering weekly in person and via Zoom in seven locations. Seeing the impact of Lamplighters in the lives of these men, who have become my brothers in Christ, is one of God’s richest blessings.”
“After attending other Bible studies that were disorganized and time-consuming, I joined the best Bible study in the country – Lamplighters!”
“It’s been amazing to see how the group has expanded and to hear about the joy and greater sense of purpose experienced by new leaders.”
“I knew in my heart God loved me, but I felt incomplete. When I began to study God’s Word regularly and attended several weekly Bible studies, I came alive spiritually.”
“The Lamplighters’ structure ... encourages sharing and discussion, including personal thoughts, details, and beliefs.”
“Lamplighters has also given me the confidence to speak about my faith publicly and share it with others.”
“Lamplighters is a spiritual well that I will keep coming back to for more life.”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the distinctive features of the Lamplighters Bible study books?

The Lamplighters Bible studies have five distinctive features. These are:

  1. Lamplighters materials have been written from the perspective that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Lamplighters’ materials are free of secular psychology, liberalism, humanism, mysticism, and scientific speculations that contradict the plain truth of the Bible.
  2. Lamplighters materials address the so-called “difficult” Biblical passages within the particular books of the Bible because we believe they are an important part of God’s Word and should be studied thoroughly. We endeavor to present questions and answers that are well-researched and theologically accurate.
  3. Lamplighters materials are Christ-centered. We believe the central theme of all Scripture is God, not man. We have sought to emphasize this important truth without forcing the Text to say something it does not say.
  4. Lamplighters materials seek to honor the local church ministry. Believers are encouraged to seek out a Bible-believing church so that it can be built up in the faith.
  5. Lamplighters materials are evangelistic. Participants are encouraged to examine their relationship with Christ. Many of the Bible studies include a thorough explanation of the plan of salvation.

How many books are there in the Lamplighters series?

As of now, there are 32, of which 20 are New Testament studies, 11 are Old Testament studies, and 1 is Topical.

Does John plan to write studies on all the books in the Bible?

John would love to write Lamplighters studies on all the books in the Bible. He plans to write as many as the Lord allows him to. He is on pace to write approximately four new studies per year.

How long does it take for John to write a new Lamplighters Bible study

It usually takes approximately 4-6 months to write an individual study. This is an addition to the ongoing study and research he does on an ongoing basis in preparation for the writing of new discipleship resources.

Can I make a recommendation for John to write a new Lamplighters study?

Yes. People make recommendations for future studies regularly. However, John usually works 1-2 years in advance in his writing. If you have a recommendation for John, let us know by clicking here.

What study books does John use to prepare the Lamplighters studies?

Here is a list of the resources John uses to develop the Lamplighters studies:

  • The Bible (John uses various Bible translations for studying, but the Lamplighters studies use the NKJV as the base text.)
  • Greek New Testament
  • Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament
  • Logos Bible Software
  • The New International Commentary on the New Testament
  • The New International Commentary on the Old Testament
  • Word Biblical Commentary
  • Expositor’s Bible Commentary series
  • Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 vols.)
  • Wiersbe Commentary Series (2 vols.)
  • Many other individual commentaries and language tools

What Bible translations are used in the Lamplighters Bible studies and why does John use this particular translation?

The New King James Version (NKJV) is used. The NKJV is a “modified literal” translation of the Bible and is very accurate. Other “modified literal” translations of the Bible (NASB, ESV) could have been used, but this was the one that was chosen.

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