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Item Number: DTW-NK-S2

Discipleship Training Workbook

The Discipleship Training Workbook gives you access to the Lamplighters’ discipleship training program. The discipleship training workbook includes:

  • A 66-page, full-color student workbook.
  • A personalized code to access Lamplighters’ 3.5-hr. online training program.
  • Coaching calls and support for your IDBS ministry.

The on-demand discipleship training program is comprised of six video segments:

  1. Introduction to Intentional Discipleship Bible Study (IDBS)
  2. How to Prepare an IDBS Lesson
  3. How to Lead an IDBS Group
  4. How to Solve AllSmall Group Problems
  5. How to Train Disciple-Makers
  6. How to Start an IDBS Ministry

A Lamplighters coach will be in contact with you shortly after you decide to get started.


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