New Ephesians Study (#28)


God’s Master Plan

“What in the world is God doing?” “Is this life just one big experiment — a giant test conducted by God — and we were never given the pre-test instructions?” Sometimes it feels that way.

Ephesians is God’s master guide plan and His divine blueprint for this world and all creation. But not only does Ephesians reveal God’s master plan; it also answers another great question about life “Why am I here?” God’s answers to these two great questions will thrill your heart and transform your life.

Studying Ephesians will leave you longing for more of Christ. Ephesians teaches you that whatever you think about God, He’s more and He has more grace, more blessing, and more power for you to live righteously than you ever imagined. Ephesians removes all doubt about what it means to live for Jesus Christ.

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