What is the mission and vision statement of Lamplighters International?


Lamplighters International is an evangelical Christian ministry that helps individuals engage with God and His Word and equips believers to be disciple-makers.


The Lamplighters’ vision is to reach thousands of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip believers to be disciple-makers.

What are the distinctive features of the Lamplighters Bible study books?

The Lamplighters Bible studies have five distinctive features. These are:

  1. Lamplighters materials have been written from the perspective that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Lamplighters’ materials are free of secular psychology, liberalism, humanism, mysticism, and scientific speculations that contradict the plain truth of the Bible.
  2. Lamplighters materials address the so-called “difficult” Biblical passages within the particular books of the Bible because we believe they are an important part of God’s Word and should be studied thoroughly. We endeavor to present questions and answers that are well-researched and theologically accurate.
  3. Lamplighters materials are Christ-centered. We believe the central theme of all Scripture is God, not man. We have sought to emphasize this important truth without forcing the Text to say something it does not say.
  4. Lamplighters materials seek to honor the local church ministry. Believers are encouraged to seek out a Bible-believing church so that it can be built up in the faith.
  5. Lamplighters materials are evangelistic. Participants are encouraged to examine their relationship with Christ. Many of the Bible studies include a thorough explanation of the plan of salvation.

What is an Intentional Discipleship Bible Study?

Intentional Discipleship is the rediscovery of the New Testament principles of discipleship incorporated into a practical, proven, and reproducible method of discipleship training, to equip believers to fulfill the Great Commission. An intentional discipleship Bible study has a two-fold ministry objective; 1) to engage individuals in a healthy discovery of God’s Word and, 2) to identify, recruit, and train believers within the groups to be disciple-makers.

How is the Lamplighters ministry funded?

The Ministry is a faith-based ministry that is supported by:

  1. The financial support of those who believe in the ministry.
  2. The distribution of discipleship resources.
  3. Speaking honorariums.

What study books does John use to prepare the Lamplighters studies?

Here is a list of the resources John uses to develop the Lamplighters studies:

  • The Bible (NKJV)
  • Greek New Testament
  • Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament
  • Logos Bible Software
  • The New International Commentary on the New Testament
  • The New International Commentary on the Old Testament
  • World Biblical Commentary
  • Expositor’s Bible Commentary series
  • Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 vols.)
  • Wiersbe Commentary Series (2 vols.)
  • Many other individual commentaries and language tools