Bring the Word to the World: Lisbon, Portugal

A Life-Changing Trip to Lisbon

Last month (June 16-22) I crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Portugal to train a group of 20 pastors. The current population of Portugal is 10.3 million, but evangelical churchgoers are 0.4 percent of the population. In some regions, believers are almost “invisible.” The average size of an evangelical church in Portugal is 49 people. The Good News is that God is using Lamplighters International to change this present situation. Furthermore, I didn’t know until I arrived there that the purpose of these pastors was to invite me to consider moving permanently to Portugal with my wife to help them to spread the Good News as I train nationals theologically.

Roque standing with Pr. Adil Reis.

There are two great leader-trainers (two Brazilian missionaries) trained by John Stewart who started four Lamplighters Bible study groups in Lisbon, and I had a chance to lead one of them. Pr. Adil Reis is our primary leader in Lisbon and he has a great love for discipleship. His arrival in Lisbon in February brought a huge expectation about what God is going to do through his ministry to the Portuguese people.

One of the Bible study groups in Portugal.

I see Portugal as a strategic country to bring the Gospel to all Portuguese speaking countries. Lamplighters International is already in four of them (Brazil, Angola, East Timor, and Portugal). God is taking us all to the end of the world (East Timor) and it is amazing to see how He is using our ministry (LI) reaching out the lost with one of the most impactful ministries on discipleship.


Soli Deo Glori!


Prof. Dr. Roque N. Albuquerque serves as Lamplighters’ Director of Global Engagement where he oversees the ministry and equips pastors and churches to be intentional about training believers for disciple-making ministry.
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